Earned It.. ~ Sara Unleashed
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Earned It..

Earned It..

I feel so happy! I sense and feel everything coming together, re-calibrating. Aligning for smooth sailing for SARA DEVINE! Sara Unleashed in DA HOUSE!

I started to re-write my operating system 2 weeks ago. At first I didn’t feel different. I still felt anxious (my previous operating system). But I am IMMERSED in Warrior Queen School. I have the determination to succeed like one who “knows its HER TIME.”

So it was INEVITABLE that the energy I have been building would feel like this soon. But to taste its sweetness (and by taste I mean feel it permeate all of my cells and being) is TRULY next level!

I’m so happy for all of the areas of my life that were out of balance to be getting healed. I know this is my FRESH START. It is destined to be my time to step into my WORLD LEADER SELF. And I can rest well knowing I EARNED THAT SHIT!!!!!!!!

I earned that shit with my sheer determination to NEVER SAY DIE! Even though it got BLEAK…it was bleak for a very long time. And I wanted to die…more than a few times.

And yet, I persevered somewhere in the madness and chaos that was built out of a faulty foundation, my inner voice and light and vision for what I knew in my heart is my BIRTH RIGHT kept me going. Even when I wasn’t flowing…

And THANK FUCK I did continue – because I have BIG THINGS to do here! And THANK FUCK time has FINALLY lead me back to my base and is NOW guiding me/helping me and UPLIFTING me in GETTING IT RIGHT! Which is really such a blessing as I was born into the opposite.

Before I can even remember my root chakra had been built. Between the ages of 0-2 is when the energy center for the FOUNDATION of our BEING is created. If this center is not established correctly in a stable manner, it leads to issues through the remainder of the person’s life (potentially – likely).

It certainly lead to issues for me – predominantly not feeling safe in the world (safety is one of the KEY components of this chakra). Thankfully the “blessing in disguise” for me has been that I am unfolding the chakras in a reversed manner to most.

Most people who did not experience trauma in their formative years, progress through life ascending and growing through these centers. Learning spiritual enlightenment type aspects later on. As an abuse survivor I spent many years of my life in “fight or flight” mode. This would cause my spirit to leave my body (common for abuse scenarios).

As a result, my spiritual gifts developed strongly, where as my human skills lagged. This is why I’m a 38 year old women who JUST CLAIMED her feeling of safety on this planet.

Before I earned this VICTORY I struggled and suffered a great deal due to my shaky foundation. So ya….it feels kind of funny to be a GROWN-ASS WOMAN learning the lessons that most worked through in their earlier phases. AND – I don’t dwell on that because I also see the VALUE I am here to impart gained through the UNIQUE direction my journey has taken.

Now that my base is sold – I am READY to stand tall in who I AM! And who that is is a bubble, cheeky and passionate soul. A free spirit who become more so each day. A fired-up and FIERCE GODDESS who shares wisdom like a song.

I am a rare enigma…and beautiful creator artist. I am great spirit incarnate.

And I’m happy…oh so happy to be CLAIMING my thrown on my platform. To ride alongside the OTHER LEADERS rising up as we bring about the NEW WORLD.

Welcome Home Matriarchy <3

xo Sara Devine

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Sara Devine

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