How to Shift Resistance ~ Sara Unleashed
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How to Shift Resistance

How to Shift Resistance

For most of my life I hated to wake-up…

As an adult I would try to just brush it off as not being a morning person. While I do believe there is truth to this, we all have different rhythms that suit best, and that is beautiful, in my case the reason ran far deeper. Not surprising I suppose, as for me, “deep” is one of the quintessential words that describes my journey.

Underneath me “not being a morning person” was the foundation of unhappiness, unrest. You see, I grew up in an abusive household. (I’m sure there’s a more delicate way to present that, but there you have it. I’m direct. Delivering the “straight goods” is one of my gifts). Please don’t mistake this trait as being cold or uncaring, I am in fact compassionate to a fault. I embrace my direct-ness and hope you will too, as the whole “sugar coating thing” is a little played out, don’t you agree? We waste so much energy putting up a cool exterior, when really all we want to do is connect.

Because I grew up in an abusive household as soon as I remembered this upon opening my eyes, I would immediately want to close them again and return to the dream realm, where everything was more pleasant.

It was obviously not an ideal situation, as how you wake up sets the tone for the day. I was too young to realize this when it began and as and adult it was hard to shake, waking up into resistance.

This is the topic for today, resistance. So, what exactly is resistance & how can we embrace it? Ironically, the answer is right within the question itself. We must embrace it for it to subside, for embracing is the polar opposite of resistance.

Feel into both those words/concepts. Can you tell how one feels light & spacious, and the other feels constrictive and heavy? Ahhhh #enlightenment 🙂

Resistance is a classic egoic energy, where as embracing is typical of an allowing energy. Whether we realize it or not that is where we want to go…allowing. One secret around this is that you don’t actually have to go anywhere. Your soul, aka your higher-self, aka spirit, aka god-self already radiates with the allowing of 1000 suns. Our job is to use the resistance we find as the clue to WHERE we are not allowing.

As an adult it started to really bum me out/be a source of dis-connect that I hated to wake up. Especially once I had found my spiritual path, for not greeting the day like a god damn ray of sunshine made me feel like I was always missing the mark. Not only that, but once I grew aware of this “short coming” and tried to shift it, only to fall short, it felt like an impossible feat.

It would definitely trigger me. How can I shift something as monumental as waking up…which happens every day!? The first step of anything is to create an awareness around it. From the higher vantage point of awareness frequency, we shift into the point of power. When we are in awareness mode, we are in the seat of the observer. When we observe an energy/situation, we create space from feeling identified with it/consumed by it.

Not sure how to APPLY awareness to resistance? …. ASK YOURSELF 😉

This is a topic I could dive into in a massive way, but that is a topic for another day.

Ask yourself, “show me where I am resisting that which I most desire”. And then leave it alone. Don’t watch the pot boil, don’t block the answer by wondering when it will show up. Just go about your life. You will know when you receive the answer.

Xo Sara

P.S. This is a past-tense story. I am pleased to reveal that I now awaken with a sense of purpose. I will be teaching all about how I made such a massive shift to this and all other areas of my life in my up-coming course “Reboot Your Being: How to Re-program your Operating System for Success”

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Sara Devine

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