What's Guiding You? ~ Sara Unleashed
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What’s Guiding You?

What’s Guiding You?

I am doing my daily work. My daily inner work that is…

My whole life I felt, I knew I am meant to have a big voice on this planet. And yet, it has been slow going seeing that reality birthed. For a long time it was because I was blocking myself through self-sabotage. I have FINALLY dropped that shit at the curb. That is exciting…but what STILL feels less than only exciting is what to do now. How do I apply all the learning I have devoted my life to? How do I bring that wisdom to the world like I’m meant to?Well the answer is less about doing…and more about being. How can I shift who I am BEING and let that dictate my actions?

We have gotten caught up in a lot of ass-backwards stuff wouldn’t you agree? The reason you don’t want to focus on “what should I be doing differently to see different results in my life” is because it is taking charge externally. In order to shift your external situation, you must first start with the internal. If we want to see different results coming to life we need to take a good long look inside.

“What do I believe about life?” This is a good place to start. Write this question (and any other that you intuitively/instinctively feel drawn to) at the top of a page. Then just put your pen to paper and see what comes out (I know, I know – what era is this chick living in?) For me it’s the best way to express what wants to come through me into this realm. If you’re not down, do it on a computer. The point is – take a look!

Another good question is “what am I allowing myself to be influenced by?” If you end up with a list of things that are outside of you, that is a clue to the problem right there. If we are CHOOSING to be influenced by anything other than our own inner knowing it results in a loss of power. For only true power comes from connection to our center and higher self. If you’re not familiar with the term higher self, it means our spirit. The part of us that is infinite, all-knowing and superhuman.

What do you do with the answers? First thing is to decide if what you uncover is helpful or harmful. Any beliefs (which make up the foundation of your reality) that conflict with your values have got to go! But HOW do we do that Sara? I’m glad you asked 😉 This is a foundational topic I will be covering in my new course: “Reboot Your Being: How to Re-program Your Operating System for Success.” I will give you a clue for now…Once you find out what beliefs are currently running the show, change the ones that don’t feel good to the opposite!

This is a great “life hack” to play with. Getting stuck on something? Feel the frustration start to rise? Try approaching WHATEVER it is from the completely opposite angle. This will often unlock the situation. While of course there are infinite ways to do things, the driving force behind them boils down to only 2 ways. Are you approaching the thing from a place of scarcity and contraction or are you approaching it from resourcefulness & trust?

Let me know how this inner work exercise goes for you! I look forward to connecting, being of service and sharing more details in the near future about “Reboot Your Being: How to Re-program your Operating System for Success”.

xo Sara Devine

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Sara Devine

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