You are All Powerful ~ Sara Unleashed
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You are All Powerful

You are All Powerful

A lot of shifts are taking place. All of them positive. The old me wants to be overwhelmed, but the new me (that I am encoding & calling in each day) is like “who has the effort for that!?”

I am happy to be making healthful & positive choice for myself. I will admit, it is challenging to keep re-directing my focus to the internal, higher level, when to look at my external circumstances would leave any “rational person” scratching their head. But at this point, I feel like, nothing you can really say, bring or do to shake me. I’ve survived a lot. And the one thing I can see for sure is that fighting/resisting will get you nowhere!

It’s true the old saying resistance is futile. SIDE NOTE TO THE UNIVERSE (not an invitation to try and rattle me – but an acknowledgement that I am ready to soften into the sweet surrender of my soul. You hear about the concept of “surrender” in spiritual circles. It never quite sat right with me. I did fight it, and I now understand why…

The way it was presented to me, or the way I interpreted it at the time was a feeling of giving up power. Now that I made the conscious decision to live my life in the flow, from soul, I get it. You aren’t surrendering to God (which can seem like an energy outside of us) but to the highest version of OURSELVES (our God-Self). And to me, that is the MOST EMPOWERING decision you can make.

I think the reason I had such a hard time wrapping my head around the concept of God, and why religion is not my “cup of tea”, is because of the feeling of separation. My soul is old, it is wise, it has been around for a long time, and it is LOUD. It will “gnaw” at me until I have reconciled something. In this case that reconciliation came in the realization that I AM GOD….We ALL ARE.

It’s just energy baby! The whole Universe is united, limitless & expansive, even when it appears not to be. And we are all different expressions of that SOURCE ENERGY. Totally different, and yet inherently the same…the ultimate paradox.

Yesterday I invited you to consider in which area of your life you are feeling resistance. Now, the next step is to SHIFT this – in an easy and permanent way by imprinting the exact opposite.

For example, if you are always worried about money, afraid you won’t be able to pay your bills, try this “I am more abundant that I ever believed possible, and I am shown evidence of this every day.”

(the KEY is repetition – we need the repetition to change the current belief because it is already imprinted)

If you are feeling stuck in general, feel like you want to “shake things up”, but overwhelmed by how to do so, try this: “I always listen to the promptings of my soul, and feel relaxed knowing I am creating my dream life.”

You may notice these examples are quite vague, and that’s a good thing. The beauty about re-training out brain is that we don’t have to come up with the how. Only the what. That is how you co-create with the Universe. You call in what (the feels) and it hears your call and responds by guiding you in the how. (That’s why it’s important to acknowledge, respect & listen to those inner prompts, that internal voice, for it is the Universe/your higher self directing you. Showing you the way to your greatest desires).

Try this experiment, find the area in your life that feels stuck, choose a positive statement of what you would like to experience instead. Write out the sentence 10 x either upon waking or before bed for a week.

Let me know what happens 😉

xo Sara Devine

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Sara Devine

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