How to Get Your Groove Back ~ Sara Unleashed
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How to Get Your Groove Back

How to Get Your Groove Back

I’m so happy! Back to my GROOOVE!!

Just came back from hot yoga. I have been practicing on and off, mostly on, since 2003. I taught for 6 years and I loved it. It was the place I felt best in the World…until it wasn’t. This past year I have been going through a brutal injury.

The injury took the place that I felt the very best and turned it into the place where I felt the worst. It made it difficult to continue to practice this past year. But continue I did, maybe not with as much vigor as before, but I kept going…because it’s a part of me. It was so hard to go from being in perfect alignment to being completely off!!

What used to feel like ease & delight, became twisted and painful. What used to feel expansive and free, felt constricted and crooked. I would feel like I had fallen so far, it would make me want to cry! (and I did…oh how I did) For a year this continued…it felt like FOREVER! I did try to find solutions, but I could tell I wasn’t really on the right path (or so we think at the time), and I wasn’t getting any long-term shifts. I was deflated.

The “worst part of it” was that I knew the reason that the mis-alignment surfaced anyways was deeper than that. There is ALWAYS an energetic (spiritual) and emotional root to any imbalance. In my case, I wasn’t following my true path. In fact I was getting further away from it! (IT…being THIS). I have known for a long time now, just had this deep feeling that I am meant for BIG THINGS. That I am meant to have a big voice on the planet. That I am a born leader. That everything that I have endured on my journey, all the hardships and pain, was preparing me for that time when I would finally step up…and INTO that role.

I was mis-guided in my belief that because something is destined that it will come to you. It will…if something is meant for you, it’s yours for the taking (written in the stars), and yet, you must TAKE IT. We can’t just walk in the opposite direction of our desires and expect them to find us. We can receive our destiny – but we must move towards it. We must CONSCIOUSLY CO-CREATE it with the Universe.

And that is why we must take action. Tiny steps that inch us in the direction of the true BLISS LIFE we sense is possible. And we must do it when we don’t feel ready. As we know, there are somethings that we will never feel ready for. But that doesn’t mean we don’t do them. They are in fact the very best and most important things to do. The ones that will free us and bring us immeasurable joy.

I do not feel ready to be stepping into the role of the leader, and yet I must, because not only is the time ticking by…also, it is time! It is time for ALL of us to step up to a new level, the version of ourselves we know we “could be”. I also must CLAIM THIS SPACE that was always already mine to begin with! To avoid it any longer will just continue to create the discontent that comes from knowing we are meant for more…but not going after it.

We try to suppress it with distractions. Food, drink, pot, tv, cigarettes, porn (pick your poison). Keeping the gifts and talents that want to rise hidden away because it’s uncomfortable to bring them forward. Well let me ask you something, is it comfortable to go to bed at night feeling like you didn’t FULLY say yes to yourself? To ALL of you?

To me the answer is no. And I know, because I suppressed my true soul’s desires for too long. But my body would ALWAYS tell me. My body totally bore the brunt of this suppression and mis-alignment. The body always knows. The body talks to us. With its symptoms and suffering. It is urging us to wake up and pay attention to the underlying cause. We are not only flesh, we are of course also LAYERS, mental, emotional and spiritual, energetic. We are connected to the Cosmos. Doesn’t it seem more likely that during this time of massive evolution on the planet that we are meant to be happy, healthy, rich and fulfilled?

So if that’s true and yet we aren’t experiencing it, we have to be brave enough to take care. To look deeper. What is my body warning me about? (literally ask these questions) We talk to ourselves (a lot of us – and if you don’t I highly recommend you start.) This is how we access information from our higher self. The all-knowing aspect of us. The higher mind, or spirit self. Call it whatever feels good to you…but CONNECT with it!

Most of us talk to ourselves unconsciously. And its effective, you get the answers you are seeking. But have you ever tried to do it consciously? As a means of growth and clarity on your path? That’s when we really “start cookin”.

Clearly that was a little tangent there; Source took us on a ride, and whenever that happens it’s for the greater good. In the case of my hip mis-alignment I had literally reached the end of my tether. I knew if I didn’t do something drastic to come back to the REAL ME – I might not ever come back. So I did what I know is an effective way “to kick my own ass”, I signed up for some soul work. I am in the middle of a 10 week training with my coach. If you know you need to make a shift in your life and are reluctant to do so, a great way to “trick your brain” is to sign-up for something. When you put some $$ on the line it’s a motivator. Plus, you are investing in yourself which AUTOMATICALLY gives you a boost from the Universe. Also, there are others along with you for the journey, which can act as a motivating factor.

The longer commitments are best because it takes at least 3 weeks to make a new habit, so the longer you have in a program and with structure, the likelihood of the changes you implement sticking is greater. That’s what I am experiencing now. I am 5 weeks in, and am pretty consistently showing up for the tasks at hand. Definitely more so than I was prior to starting. I still do feel some resistance, it is baked pretty deeply into some of us, but the COOLEST part is that the new healthy habits are becoming part of me. I can feel it, I know it. And I can also feel THEM pulling me! The power dynamic is shifting from me feeling like I “have to do the work”, to the work kinda “doing me”.

Along with starting my self-development training I stopped the activity I was doing that I know what creating the biggest mis-alignment energetically. When we are strong enough to walk away from something that is beneath us, the Universe rewards us with blessings and benevolence. Because we are being loving to ourselves and knowing our worth.

Upon making these changes and empowering my life I was also rewarded by the solutions I was so desperately seeking. I went down to the beach on the day that became my Rebirth Day (May 10th) – it was the day I filed the paperwork to legally change my name. I met a friend of a friend, found out she is an Osteopath specializing in the pelvis (which is where my mis-alignment was). I have seen her 3 times now, and am almost totally back to my old self again!!! (In this case old is good – cause I’m referring to my balanced and vibrant version).

And then of course, as I started out this post, today I returned to what I call “my church” – because it is as important to me as church is to some people. It is where I connect to myself on all levels consciously and it always leave me feeling rejuvenated afterwards. (I took a month off because I felt like I needed to give my body some space as it healed). I was planning to wait longer to go back, but I couldn’t hold out anymore! I missed it too much! Something didn’t feel right in my life without it. What is that thing for you? If you don’t know…ask yourself. If you do know, have you been doing it recently?

Remember, even if we don’t feel we have time for the most important thing, the one that LIGHT US UP, that is exactly why you need to re-frame. Re-frame the concept of time (we can change our beliefs around it – and therefore our reality). By making sure we MAKE time for that thing that nourishes us it will give back to us ten-fold.

Love & Light,

Sara D

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Sara Devine

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