A Watched Pot... ~ Sara Unleashed
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A Watched Pot…

A Watched Pot…

Most of us are probably familiar with old expression “a watched pot will never boil”. But do you really understand the meaning behind it? I love to find out the reason that common phrases came to be. If you trace things back to the roots we often see that they are funny truths that speak to timeless aspects of life on Earth.

Where did this particular expression come from? What Universal Law is it describing? It’s the one where an ESSENTIAL part of the manifestation process is GIVING SPACE.

Often times we prevent ourselves the very things we desire the most because we do not realize that we are “micro-managing” the situation. By fixating on the water while it is attempting to boil, we prevent it from efficiently going about its process. We add in an layer of doubt. Of mis-trust. Yes, it sounds silly in regards to this scenario and it is a subtle energy for sure, but in order to achieve success in this 3D reality…we must understand the subtle energies that are in fact creating everything.

Now more than ever it is possible for us to APPLY our knowledge of the subtle language of the Universe to our daily lives in order to fast-track our desires. I say more now than ever because of the massive energetic shifts that have been transpiring. For those of us who chose, the possibility now exists for us to operate on a completely different frequency on the planet. We are no longer subjected strictly to the dense energies of the 2D/3D reality. We have been given the opportunity to consciously ascend our evolution to the level of 5D and beyond!

There are thousands upon thousands of coaches and teachers and light-workers now who understand this transition and are leading the way. We are here to help those who are ready in the process of building their dream lives, and experiencing Heaven on Earth.

I love how when I start writing the blog it takes on a life of its own. Seemingly haphazard, all over the shop! A perfect depiction in fact of the subtle energy of the Divine Feminine. Unlike her masculine counter-part, which operates in a completely linear manner, Shakti (Divine Feminine) expands in all directions simultaneously.

I have been operating primarily from the Divine Feminine for many years now, and also been aware of our progression into 5D reality for just as long. That being said, much of what I learned did remain theoretical. My human side is playing catch-up to the deeper understandings of my higher self. I think this is just par for the course!

I remember the first time I really started to understand the whole “watched pot” point. It was many years ago (in a Galaxy far, far away….ok, that part was a joke ; p ) but I first encountered the concept of “giving space” in relation to a “boy”! (go figure)

I had been at a gathering on a Friday night. I remember it was a beautiful evening, near the Full Moon. I was overflowing with Goddess energy. I hadn’t a care in the world. I was free and relaxed and appealing…

A handsome stranger sparked up a conversation with me under the moonlight. More times than I care to admit had this same scenario “gone down” I would have squashed the unfolding before it even had a chance to breathe. The second that I realized “oh hey, this guy’s a catch” or “oh cool, he seems to be into me” it would have all been over, cause I would have started to get in my head.

This particular evening I was completely present and at ease. I was simply enjoying some down time and feeling nature. Even after the guy asked for my phone number, I was still playing it cool. My higher self, my Goddess self fully in charge.

This cool exterior didn’t last…

We met up for coffee and it went well. Being a “typical girl” I had started to imagine our future together and how perfect it would be. My mind grabbed hold of the whole thing and wouldn’t let go!

I remember being concerned that my mind was playing a loop over and over and over. It was automated. I couldn’t stop it (or so I thought). At the time I certainly didn’t have that capability yet. I t was during the long period in which my mind was calling the shots. “When will he text me”, “when will he call”, is all I could hear.

Wouldn’t you know…there was never a second date! What I didn’t realize at the time is that I was creating my own “demise”. That it was my own FIXATION on the situation that was preventing the very thing that I wanted to come to me! A watched pot will never boil. A guy won’t call you back if your energy is constrictive A.F.!!

Side note: Out of the blue, about a year later, after I had totally forgotten about him and moved on, he contacted me out of the blue. I was pleasantly surprised by the situation. My over-active mind of course had to disect the situation. Why now? What made him reach out to me on this particular day, so long after our courtship had died?

I was in my Goddess energy again! (it happened to be the night of my birthday party when I was feeling joyful and carefree & blessed) The same energy I was in when he had met me and been attracted in the first place, before my crazy brain had suffocated the whole thing.

Where in your life are you “watching the pot” or letting your mind run on a loop or checking that the kitchen is completing your order?

In order to see the dreams that we want to manifest come to be a CRUCIAL part of the process is to let go and give the space for the unfolding to take place.

When we can think of simple examples like placing your order at a restaurant and then just relaxing and waiting on it, assured that it will come, as opposed to going back to watch the cook, it makes it easier to see this concept. We would never do such a thing. At a restaurant we just TRUST that once our order is placed, it is on its way.

Life works the same way on a macro-level. Once we have placed our order (asked for our true desires) we can and we must CHOOSE to trust that the outcome is assured. I totally get how this may seem counter-intuitive. We don’t “have the thing” yet, we don’t see it, we aren’t experiencing it yet, so we begin to wonder…when will it get here? Is it coming? That other thing I wanted didn’t come…and so, on and so on….translation –> FEAR.

All of these speculations and concerns LITERALLY stop or at the very least slow down our manifestations from, well…becoming manifest!

We must learn not only to trust in the “order” of the Universe to deliver our every request, but also to give it the space to bring it into existence. It takes some practice, but hey, so does everything else.

So, today’s invitation. Practice playing with the process of manifestation. Pick something small that you have no strong attachment to. Ask for it and then forget about it. If you do think about it, express gratitude and belief that you have already received it and then continue about your day.

I want to know how this goes for you. Reach out and let me know what you’ve manifest and how the process felt. I am here to offer tips and feedback.

Have fun with it, and remember, we are capable of creating anything and everything we desire. We just need to follow the rules, and often the rules are COMPLETELY OPPOSITE to what you might think. Cause guess what, we were taught how to operate in a linear reality only, when really….that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Remember, it’s up to you to ALLOW your dreams to come true 🙂

Much Love, Sara Devine xo

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Sara Devine

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