Great Spirit Doesn't Sacrifice ~ Sara Unleashed
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Great Spirit Doesn’t Sacrifice

Great Spirit Doesn’t Sacrifice

I get nervous when I sit down to write the blog. There is no real reason for it, because I know that it is what I must do. It is part of what I came here to do. Not only that, but it is not really me “doing it” at all anyways. It is a practice in faith. It is a practice of stepping aside and allowing the message to come through. And so I sit here, not knowing what will come out, and touching my fingers to the keyboard anyways. I continue to come back to trust when I question it and REMEMBER that on another level everything has already unfolded anyways. Yes, there is another dimension where there is no time or space. That is the place I connect to. That is the place that is ALWAYS available for us all to connect to.

This is the space of the present. We are given a choice in every moment. Whether we want to exist purely in a 2D/3D reality that contains limitations, or instead whether we want to play in the 5D/6D and beyond. I say play because we can also choose for life to feel like play. In fact having a playful attitude is actually extremely conducive for aiding in manifestation. When we are playful we are relaxed. When we are relaxed we are receptive. And when we are receptive we are able to ALLOW the experiences that we desire to enter our reality.

I used to feel like EVERYTHING was a chore. There was this whole “grind” quality to it. Not really surprising, does that sound familiar? The whole hamster on a wheel thing was pretty drilled into societal conditioning for a long time there. Having now had ample experience in playing in both types of realities (3D Newtonian and 5D New Paradigm) I can tell you that learning to choose the later is how we step out of things feeling like a chore.

Things feel like a chore when we are doing them ourselves. When really we can call upon the energy of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE to support us. Things feel like a chore when they are not the things that we wish/know deep down are what we are meant to be doing. When really we can DECIDE to shift directions at any time. If the idea of that created any sort of contraction within you I encourage you to inquire as to why?

The fact of the matter is, that it actually doesn’t even really matter what we are doing…but rather HOW we are doing it. When we train ourselves to remain present (and therefore connected to the limitless glory of all of life itself) it creates a sense of relaxation, around even the most challenging of situations. By insisting that we function from the higher reality we are operating from the place of responding rather than reacting. When we respond life is working alongside us, we are in expansion. When we react, we automatically contract and thus prevent ourselves from receiving the support available.

For a very long time I had a program running in the back-ground of my existence. It sounded something like “poor me” _______. It didn’t matter what followed that precursor because the story was the same regardless. It is the sound of the faulty program where we think that life is happening to us. When really that is just a choice. We can actually chose to be the director instead. To write a script that suits us to a tea! You may be saying, ya, ya Sara, I know that. No big revelation there. I am in charge of my own happiness. But my question for you is, to WHAT DEGREE do you allow yourself to believe that?

Do you believe that you can “have it all” but you don’t? Do you believe you can have it in some areas but not others? Do you believe that you can have what you want but you have to get it by struggling and striving?

Regardless of what degree you are ALLOWING MAGIC into your life, if you aren’t living a FUCK YES life, in all areas…then something is still missing. Do you BELIEVE that it is even possible to lead a FUCK YES LIFE in all areas? That would be a good place to start your considerations….

I have been learning about all of this “woo woo” stuff for years and years. I understood the concepts, they made sense to me and rang true…but was I living by them? No. I convinced myself that just believing in them, but not actually doing the daily work to change my thoughts and therefore my reality, was enough. It is not. At the time IT felt like too much of a chore. My ego would protest, “I don’t feel like I should have to put in that much effort….” blah, blah, bitch. So I “wasted” a lot of time in resistance.

The fact of the matter is that life does entail work. We must give in order to receive. It is a Universal Law. But the type of work and the way we work are up to us. I used to protest my soul-work, my purpose work, my daily inner work, complaining it was too hard. I would rather just be lazy…

Now, it is the ONLY work I want to do. I have made the choice and I continue to make it every day to do soul-work instead of “regular work”. And if it starts to feel like too much work I look at that. I am curious. I investigate…why is it that I feel this way and what do I want to feel instead? And then I call it in. I change my reality. I remember that LIFE ITSELF will re-organize to suit me…if and when I am brave enough and resilient enough to INSIST that it do so.

How can this be the case you might ask? Because I am made up of the same essence OF life. Because I am not just this flesh and bones. I am not separate from the Great Spirit…I am a part of it. And the Great Spirit doesn’t sacrifice. The Great Spirit doesn’t play small. The Great Spirit doesn’t forget that it can have what it wants, when it wants it, simply by declaring it and then taking steps (any steps) towards it.

No the Great Spirit is relaxed in itself, knowing that there is no time and space, there is only now. And since this is the case, it is possible to live life on its own terms…and to HAVE IT….NOW. No waiting required. If there is waiting transpiring, guess what…time to check the operating system again. What parameters remain in place that tell you yes this is possible, but no that is not?

Remember, you are an infinitely powerful being. There are no limitations to the life you get to live. Choose what kind of person you want to be, and then go out there and act accordingly. It is easier to have it all. It’s the time and energy that we put into resisting what we know we need and deserve that slows us down.

Have you been enjoying the blog? Let me know 🙂 Reach out! I want to get to know you 🙂 I have some availability for working one-on-one with bad-ass female leaders like yourselves.

If you are feeling the call of your NEXT LEVEL SELF…what are you waiting for? Remember, time only exists in one dimension, and you get to choose to leap-frog.

Email me at or P.M. Me on FB or IG.

Love & Light,

Sara D

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Sara Devine

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