People of the World... ~ Sara Unleashed
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People of the World…

People of the World…

One of the biggest challenges I have faced in my life is feeling like I have TOO much to say! I am blessed with the ability to see and understand things on a deep and profound level. This caused me strife when it came to narrowing things down however, which we are told is a necessity to function in the World. You must pick a specific area of expertise. You must pick a niche of people to serve. I get the concept, but the truth of the matter is…some of us just ain’t built that way! Some of us need to share ALL of ourselves in order to feel truly expressed. This leads me to today’s offer…

Do you feel like you are a messenger? Do you feel like part of your mission here is to help the World transform into a better place by speaking your truth? If so this exercise may be helpful. It is a coaching tool called “the Megaphone exercise”. I had done the exercise a few times now, most recently yesterday (I share it below). Here is how to do it:

IMAGINE you are on a really high balcony and you have 2 MINUTES to speak to the entire World. They are ALL down below listening. What would come out of you that you just KNOW people have to hear & start to live by? (Give it a try it’s fun 🙂 Here is the most recent streamlined version of MY MESSAGE that came through.

“People of the World, hear me now!

You are sparks of the Divine Energy that makes up the Entire Universe! You are a part of God itself. As such you are infinitely powerful. There is nothing you cannot achieve…or undo.

You did not come here to suffer and wish things could be different. You did not come here to have your dreams die inside of you. The human experience is one you have chosen. Your soul decided which lessons you needed to learn for your growth and evolution.

The point of being here is to remember that you are not separate from Source. Do not let your pain and trauma define you. You are a unique expression of Source that can never be duplicated or replicated. You are enough just as you are. You are not too much, you are perfectly imperfect, just as you are.

Your mission is to love yourself enough to go after your dreams, even though you don’t know the way. Even though you think you don’t know how to do it. By learning to love and care for yourself on all levels (mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically) you succeed in doing your part. You succeed at your mission. By healing yourself you heal the planet. Stop focusing on the external circumstances. They will always change. That is their nature.

Start connecting with yourself and taking action to bring your dreams to life. Only then can you know peace. Stop letting the opinions of others affect you. They are dealing with their own journey. Their own challenges. By loving yourself, as you are in this moment…everything else ceases to matter.

When you stop resisting and stop trying to get anywhere but instead remember that you are already “there”, that you never left…you will know peace.

Don’t let the limitations of space & time fool you. They are simply aspects of this planet. You have the ability to go beyond them in an instance, simply by remembering this and CHOOSING to believe it (even when you forget).

Let yourself be FULLY EXPRESSED in whichever weird and wild and wacky way you feel…and then you will know peace.

Oh, and one last thing. Listen to that little voice inside of you. That is your link to your higher self. Your infinite all-knowing self. It will guide you.”

Love You! xo Sara Devine

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Sara Devine

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