Showing Up IS the Point! ~ Sara Unleashed
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Showing Up IS the Point!

Showing Up IS the Point!

(The blog is a little all over the map today, I’m not gonna lie! And yet, I feel content with this. I used to be so concerned about the “results”. It is liberating to no longer be bound to them. It is liberating to know (to REMEMBER) that the work IS the point. To show up and do your soul-work –> regardless of if you feel inspired and regardless of what the end product is, is the point. Some days you will feel like you knocked it out of the park, and others you won’t. But to operate from Soul and Higher Consciousness, is to know that the outcome is irrelevant. You are already destined to live out your dreams if you have DECIDED to do so, so don’t worry about connecting the dots. Only concern yourself with committing to showing up, and letting “today’s work be today’s work” –> whatever it looks like. No editing allowed/required. Picture a mandala –> people spend hours and days to create an intricate piece of sand art, only to wash it away. These people understand that the point is to have the experience.)

And so, without further ado….here is what came out of me to share with you today….

If i knew how the blog topic would unfold it would go like this…

I am accessing the super flow, higher state of consciousness. I am commanding the energy. I am refusing for inspiration to not come through. I am yielding the powers of one who has mastered the mind. The mind is designed as our servant. This may sound “harsh” but it a truth, regardless of whether you choose to take on the word or not. I personally like to remind myself of this, because only 1 of 2 things can be happening on that front.

Either you are using your mind as the servant it was created as (an energy to act in service of our higher self, spirit self – which is our true nature), or we are allowing our mind to be in charge…essentially being a servant to it ourselves! In this area there is no in between, it is either one or the other. And guess what…if you are not CONSCIOUSLY choosing to yield your mind to assist you in bringing to live your dreams…then it is working against you.

If we are not against something…we are for it. It is up to us to build and create parameters in this world. The World itself is a neutral space. Just like our subconscious mind. We can look at the two as one and the same. For all extents and purposes….they are. 10% of our brain is the logical, conscious, reasoning piece. The other 90% is the vast field of limitless possibility. We get the choice as to HOW MUCH we are willing to tap into the later.

Which brings me back to my point about how if we are not for something we are against it, or vice versa. That can be a bit of a head scratcher. I know I had to read it a couple times the first time I tried it on…

The essence of the concept revolves around the fact that we are given this infinite playground upon which to create existence, that is one of our gifts upon birth. However, if we do not learn discernment the vastness can eat us up whole and spit us out the other side!

I know because this happened to me a lot. I’m talking like often, all the time…for a long time. And yet, I did not let it take me out. I LET Life take me down and out, for long chunks. But the FIERCE, never say die part of me (the Spirit Self) rallied against it letting it take me out for good.

You see, I was never any good at going with the grain. It is just not in my nature. I have a Wild and Wonderful spirit that can’t be tamed. People have tried (mainly my Father, and Society at large – although I don’t think the later realized it)…but the fact of the matter is, we CAN’T go against our true nature and expect to be truly happy and fulfilled. It just doesn’t work! It goes against the Laws of Nature.

And those are the Laws that I adhere to. I spent enough time trying to conform, to fit in, to “do life like a proper grown-up”, but I could never stay the course. On a deeper level it just felt so inauthentic to me and sooner or later, my Soul would revolt! And I would through myself back into the “Great Beyond”, floundering around, fumbling in the darkness, scared I would never find my way, and yet determined to do so because I had already determined, the alternate was not for me! The alternate looked like me not DECIDING that waking up each day and sharing my FULL WILD, CRAZY SELF with the World. It looks like me trying to “fit in” and “do what I was supposed to do to get all the gold stars”…it wasn’t a good look for me. And guess what, if you are one of “US” –> the driven ones who refuse to conform…it’s not a good look on you either.

And the fact of the matter is…you know this! That is the thing about our Soul – is that it is there regardless of whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. We hear its little voice in the background. We may choose to drown it out. Some do for their whole life. And that is a sad state of affairs. Not even considering the face that it is a pretty bleak scene laying on our death bed feeling full of regret for not having taken a chance on ourselves. On bringing to life the dreams inside us. But on a daily basis, we must live with that gnawing feeling of KNOWING that we are meant for more…and yet, refusing to go after it. Pretending that it doesn’t matter. Telling ourselves that we will “get to it tomorrow” (and then never doing it). Filling the emptiness with substances that offer temporary gratification. Just because we don’t want to feel uncomfortable.

I have felt uncomfortable a lot in my life, let me tell you! Being born as an artist, a visionary, an empath, a free spirit are not aspects that are conducive to “fitting in” with the masses. I have been the outsider, I have been the black sheep. Those roles made me feel uncomfortable for sure. Trying to do an office job just to “pay the bills” made me uncomfortable. But the MOST uncomfortable I have felt is when I stopped all that and instead hurled myself into the Great Unknown unsure of how it would all unfold.

The fact of the matter is, if we want to grow (in any capacity – but especially past a certain point) we MUST embrace the feeling of discomfort. The journey of Life is not to know and understand every step on the path in advance. Where is the fun in that!? The journey is to honor yourself enough to be honest about what you see & feel inside and be relentless in going after it…until you just BECOME IT!

Some people reading this may be like, “what the fuck is she talking about!?” and that’s just fine. I’m not talking to you. If you don’t understand what I’m getting at here, you’re not my audience. Discernment. This is an example of DEFINING THE PARAMETERS.

Back to what I said earlier on, if you’re not against something, you are for it. (YOU are the ONLY one who can set the structure for what is and is not allowed in your World). In this case, I am against trying to talk to EVERYBODY! Cause guess what, in case you missed this memo – if you are attempting to talk to everyone…you end up reaching no one.

The World is saturated with content now. There are countless things, peoples, products, promotions vying for our attention. We can easily get lost and caught up in it. I did the thing where I followed the shiny objects. Anyone who has “tried to break into” online business knows this is a right of passage. For a fair chunk of time I decided to go about things ASS-BACKWARDS (which to be real – is actually the way that we are conditioned to think is “the right way”). My TRUE ROLE in the World is to be a Leader, a Teacher, a Coach, a Guide…and yet I had this limiting belief that those jobs were too “airy fairy” to get me paid! So instead, I thought, I am going to go after the money. I am going to figure out a system where I can get paid for something (that is not in integrity with my truth) and THEN once I have the $$ in my bank I will feel safe and pursue my dreams!

To write it out now feels ridiculous…can YOU see how many parts of this go against the grain? Can you recognize any of my journey as your own? If so…good, I’m definitely talking to you 😉

Side note: if this content/expression/art/unleashing is speaking to you. If it resonates with you, please reach out and let me know. After being out there in the “Wild Wild West” of internet marketing and following all the shiny objects and courses about how to build a successful online business, I know that NOTHING will ever be able to compare with listening to your OWN TRUTH and acting from there.

Now, I do things in the way that “the masses” will tell you is the “wrong way”, and I LOVE IT! Deep down, on my Soul Level (which is the only level I care to entertain) I know that in fact when we are going against the “commonly acceptable way of doing things” that we are in fact on the path of FULFILLMENT. Yes, we may not understand how it will unfold, but we do understand that to not GO AFTER IT…is NOT an option!

To my posse, to my Soul Tribe…I was out there getting my ass kicked for a long time so that I could learn all the ways in which we go against Soul, so I can offer them up as a cautionary tale and save you the trouble! (Besides, I’m sure you’re had enough of that in your own right as well!) Instead I can offer you the Keys to the Kingdom (or QUEENDOM!) if you are willing to say YES to Soul…and have LIFE say YES to you!

xo Sara Devine (aka Sara D) (aka Miss Sara Devine) xo

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Sara Devine

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